• for separating plaster from denture material;
  • for separating plaster from plaster.


  • excellent separating properties;
  • ensures smooth surfaces;
  • alginate based.

RED – for cold curing acrylics

Red is a quick drying liquid which forms a skin and is suited to light work such as casting dentures.


BLUE – for cold – and heat curing acrylics

Blue is suitable for both packing/pressing technique and cast molding. The high quality of the raw materials guarantees optimum separation with both techniques.


ORANGE – for heat curing acrylics

Orange is slow drying and as a result penetrates deep into the plaster. This separating agent is ideally suited to the packing/pressing technique.


ISERT 500ml liquid red
ISERC 1000ml liquid red
ISEOT 500ml liquid orange
ISEOC 1000mlliquid orange
ISEBT 500ml liquid blue
ISEBC 1000ml liquid blue