• #1 for the anterior teeth preparation.
  • #0 for anterior teeth; as upper cord for “two cord” technique.
  • #00 during preparation and cementation of veneers; restorative procedures dealing with thin, friable tissues.
  • #000 for lower anteriors; when luting near gingival and subgingival veneers; class III, IV V restorations; first cord for “two cord” technique.




  • Cord is made of 100% cotton.
  • Knitted into thousands of tiny loops forming long interlocking chains.
  • The unique knitted design exerts a gentle continuous outward force following placement as knitted loops seek to open.
  • Rapid retraction/displacement.
  • Doesn’t tangle in burs or packers.
  • When using i-PAK plain knitted cords, since they carry significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution than conventional cords.
  • Provides rapid tissue displacement and detailed margins for quality impressions.
  • Facilitates easy packing and stays in place better than any twisted or braided cord.
  • Compresses upon packing then expands for optimal retraction.


Label with ruler


  • Label with ruler – easy to measure.



Cup with cutter


  • Saves time.
  • With integral stainless steel blade cuts clean and protects fingers every time.
  • Fast, precise cutting of retraction cord.
  • Cap with cutter – no scissors needed.
  • Safe to use
  • No waste
Instructions For Use
IPU03 i-PAK, #000, 244cm, ultra thin, black
IPU02 i-PAK, #00, 244cm, thin, yellow
IPU01 i-PAK, #0, 244cm, medium, lilac
IPU11 i-PAK, #1, 244cm, medium thick, blue