• For restorations of class III, IV and V cavities.
  • For root surface caries restorations.
  • For sealing pits and fissures.
  • For initial placement in class I and II cavities.




  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • High aesthetics.
  • Highly resistant.
  • Highly polishable.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Radiopaque.
  • i-FLOW N has balanced viscosity. Flows smoothly and provides ideal self-leveling properties. At the same time not runny and stays neatly in place.


Instructions For Use
IFTA1 2g syringe A1, 3 tips
IFLA1 5g syringe A1, 5 tips
IFTA2 2g syringe A2, 3 tips
IFLA2 5g syringe A2, 5 tips
IFTA3 2g syringe A3, 3 tips
IFLA3 5g syringe A3, 5 tips
IFTA35 2g syringe A3.5, 3 tips
IFLA35 5g syringe A3.5, 5 tips
IFTK1 4x2g syringes (2xA2, 2xA3)*, 10 tips

*Other shades under request