• Helps to clean, soften and widen the dentinal walls of the root canals


  • 17% EDTA solution cleanses root canals rapidly
  • Neutral pH
  • Helpful in enlarging of canals
  • Opens calcified canals
  • Water-based, easily reach narrow apical area and can be easily removed

No liquid spillage

Eliminates risk of the liquid spillage

  • Safe application thanks to luer-lock type syringe
  • The best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application

Empty syringe

Highest quality empty syringe included in the box

  • Rubber ring on the plunger ensures perfect control and smoothness of moving when taking and applying the product

Special connector

Bottle has the special connector attached

  • There is no need for additional adaptor because syringe tightens directly to connector on the bottle
  • There is no need to invert bottle, as inside is tube trough which you can easy bring the liquid to syringe
Instructions For Use
IED250 250ml bottle with special connector, 3ml empty syringe
IEDLP 50ml bottle