• for isolation of gingival tissues in cases where there is a risk of irritation by contact with
  • products used in the clinical procedure (i. e. office whitening procedure);
  • for completing isolation for a better sealing of a cavity preparation or endodontic treatment;
  • for protecting the inside of the mouth or blocking undercuts against taking impressions.


  • the product is sufficiently viscous and allows easy application and control over the place to be protected;
  • light-curing, non-heating liquid barrier and blocking resin. It stays cool during curing for greater comfort;
  • excellent adhesion on the gingiva. It stays where it was placed – it doesn’t spill;
  • easily removed;
  • no gingival tissue irritation;
  • Blue or Green shade;
  • remains flexible after curing;
  • tear resistant;
  • the moisture-friendly chemical composition;
  • it also adheres to models when making whitening splints.

Note! i-DAM not available in all countries.

Additional information

Images made by © Dr. Meldas Mažeika.

Instructions For Use
IDABP 3,5g syringe, shade blue, 3 tips
IDAM1 4x1,2ml syringe, shade blue, 10 tips
IDABK 4x3,5g syringes, shade blue, 10 tips
IDAGP 3,5g syringe, shade green, 3 tips
IDAM2 4x1,2ml syringe, shade green, 10 tips
IDAGK 4x3,5g syringes, shade green, 10 tips