We are proud to create and manufacture our products in a country where people love their country and defend their freedom with all their hearts.


On this day in 1991, the people of Lithuania demonstrated that their yearning for freedom and independence was stronger than the aggression and brutality of their oppressors. By resisting the Soviet Union’s occupation, Lithuania emerged victorious in its struggle for the right to live freely.


We would like to share a brief memory excerpt from Export Manager Eglė Lingaitienė:

“I turned 12 that winter while on winter vacation with my cousin in Vilnius. She lived across from the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. […] The atmosphere in Vilnius was gloomy for an entire week. The adults were serious and instructed us children to go to bed early. I did not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation. Bonfires were burning near the Seimas Palace in the evenings, which was quite fascinating for me and my cousin. We went there to drink warm tea that was surprisingly distributed free of charge to the attendees. Even the barricades did not seem scary to us. We were examining the military tickets and posters that were stuck on the rebar. […]
The mood changed after the first shots near the Press Palace. Reports began that roads from Vilnius were being closed, and tanks were moving.
I will never forget the scariest and most united night of my life. We were all afraid about what would happen the next day, but we knew what we had to do, what we wanted, and what we were defending. Defending the decision to be free led to the independence of our country. When it was announced on March 11th, we all stood up to raise the Lithuanian flag, and my grandfather and father cried. Now, I cry when I remember that night because I understand how valuable and expensive freedom is. I will do everything I can to prevent such a night from happening again. “Let light and truth guide our steps.“