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ABOUT i-dental


i-dental, manufacturer of innovative dental products is synonym of good quality and price ratio. Founded in 1992, i-dental is 100% manufacturer and ISO/CE certified company in Baltic countries and one of the leading companies in Eastern Europe. i-dental is very fast growing company and even in time of global economic crisis our company had significant growth of the sales.

i-dental is a family owned company. Because of the fact that we are not a large company but company managed by the owner, our customers have a benefit: this increase communication both internally and with our customers. The fact that we export to more than 80 countries regularly proves that.

The ability to use market knowledge to create new products is one of i-dental core competencies. Our understanding of our markets and our customers needs makes it possible to transform expertise into products that give our customers real value and make them a success. By having our finger on the pulse we know the market’s present and future needs. By working closely with our customers, we develop solutions that last.

Your input is our most valuable component. Helping you achieve business success is our number one goal.

We are excited about the future of our small country, our i-dental company and our friends all over the world. We can assure you that we will continue to keep you at the cutting edge of dentistry in the years to come.