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i-PAK Ultra


Prepack - Open proximal contacts and place knitted cord soaked in hemostatic solution. Because cord compresses upon packing, use a cord size that appears too large. The thin cord Packer quickly slips it into position. The knitted cord's unique design (interlocking loops) facilitates easy packing and locks it into place.

Preparation - Extend margin subgingivally by cutting partway into knitted cord. A unique attribute of this cord is that it doesn't entangle in the diamond bur! Remove remnant of cord with calcium hydroxide applicator (tiny ball end). Bleeding is minimal. A small portion of uncut tooth above the gingival attachment is preservered to record in the impression.

Microscopic compressible loops of knitted cord afford greater interthread space than the braided cord. Upon packing, loops compress which expresses hemostatic astringent to underlying tissues. As loops seek to open, a gentle, continuous outward force is exerted. A knitted cord is like a chain; it bends and stays put when packed into place.

Images made by © Dr. Meldas Mažeika


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NEW bottle design

  • Delivers what dental professionals want
  • Easy to use

Label with ruler

  • Easy to measure

Cup with cutter

  • Saves time
  • With integral stanless steel blade cuts clean and protects fingers ecery time
  • Fast, precise cutting of retraction cord
  • No scissors needed
  • Safe to use
  • No waste


  • For gingival displacement and hemostasis before bonding and/or restorative placement procedures.
  • For use to aid in making impressions for fixed prosthetics.
  • Use cords #00, #0 for hemorrhage control around deep Class III and V preparations and as a bottom cord in a "two-cord" displacement technique.
  • Use them when bonding veneers.
  • The smaller sizes are beneficial when working with delicate tissues.


  • Cord is made of 100% cotton
  • Knitted into thousands of tiny loops forming long interlocking chains
  • The unique knitted design exerts a gentle continuous outward force following placement as knitted loops seek to open
  • Rapid retraction/displacement
  • Easy to control and place
  • Will not tangle in burs or packers
  • When using i-PAK UTRA plain knitted cords, since they carry significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution than conventional cords.


IPU01i-PAK ULTRA Knitted Retraction Cord #0 244cm
IPU02i-PAK ULTRA Knitted Retraction Cord #00 244cm
IPU03i-PAK ULTRA Knitted Retraction Cord #000 244cm
IPU11i-PAK ULTRA Knitted Retraction Cord #1 244cm